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Hernia’s suffered at work

Find out if you can make a claim for compensation following a hernia type injury caused by your occupation. There are many thousands of people who suffer hernias each year in the UK as a direct consequence of their employment.

What is a hernia?

From the official NHS website:

A hernia is when an internal part of the body, such as an organ, pushes through a weakness in the muscle or surrounding tissue wall.

Usually your muscles are strong and tight enough to keep your intestines and organs in place, but sometimes they aren’t, causing a hernia.


More info on the medical issues surrounding hernia’s here

Who can suffer from hernias?

The short answer is everyone. Whether you are young / old, male or female, you can suffer from these injuries and they can be caused in many different ways from the obvious (heavy lifting) to the more obscure (getting out of bed!)

No win No fee Hernia Compensation

Find out how our specialist No win No fee hernia claims service can help you and your family recover compensation when you have suffered injury through your work.


We guarantee that if your case is unsuccessful, we will make no charge.

What if you suffer such an injury at work?

Because of the propensity for these injuries to occur in lots of different ways, it may be that the injury is not entirely as a result of your work. However those with heavy occupations such as: removal men, delivery drivers, construction workers, labourers, warehousemen etc are all prone to injuries brought on by excessive lifting or similar exertion.

Can you make a compensation claim for such an injury?

These are the questions that need to be asked and the criteria that needs to be fulfilled to have a successful claim for a hernia injury at work;

  1. An officially reported incident (accident book record) of muscle strain must be made;
  2. Severe groin pain or pain at the site of the hernia reported at the time of the strain;
  3. Diagnosis of an inguinal hernia by a doctor preferably within three days of the muscle strain, and certainly within 30 days;
  4. No previous medical history of an hernia(s).

If your employer has failed to prevent or safeguard against your injuries then you may be entitled to no win no fee compensation


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