Compensation advice on whiplash related symptoms

Symptoms of Whiplash

Whiplash injuries usually result from rapid acceleration or deceleration movements following car accidents or involuntary movement.

The symptoms can be severe and medical advice should always be sought.

You could be entitled to whiplash injury compensation if you are suffering what you believe to be whiplash as the result on an accident. 


These injuries usually affect the neck (cervical) or mid back (thoracic) areas of the spine.  Car accidents are the main cause of such injuries but in truth they can happen in many different circumstances. More on treatment advice for whiplash injuries - click here for No win No fee compensation advice

Symptoms can include:
  • Pain or stiffness of the neck, back, jaw, shoulders, or arms.  
  • Headache and dizziness.  
  • Psychological problems including memory loss, concentration difficulties, nervousness, irritability, sleep disturbances, fatigue and depression.
  • Loss of feeling, numbness and burning  in the arm, hand or leg
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Fatigue
  • Blurred vision balance problems
  • Tinnitus

Very often symptoms can be delayed particularly after an accident when the body's defence mechanisms kick in and adrenalin takes over. It may well be hours or even days after the accident that the full effects begin to take hold. It is very important that anyone suffering from a whiplash injury seeks medical advice as soon as possible.

It is not essential that you seek medical attention for the purpose of a claim but for the benefit of your own wellbeing you should be checked over by a qualified practitioner.

Useful sites: British Pain Society  - Back Pain advice website

The symptoms can be very painful and often lead to varying levels of disability.

In the road safety arena the CrashCube is a black box recorder for vehicles which will help determine what vehicles were doing in the run up to an accident.

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