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What to do after a car accident

General advice on what to do after a road accident

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The vast majority of road accidents that occur in the UK do not result in casualties. Many accidents are fortunately quite minor in nature and are easily dealt with. However, when considering what to do after a car accident there are certain procedures that should always be followed after an accident has occurred. These procedures apply to all road collisions including cycle accidents or pedestrian cases.

5 things to do after a road accident

1. Identify casualties

1. Identify casualties

It goes without saying that the first issue to deal with following an accident is to identify and assist any casualties. Where appropriate call 999 and ask for the police and ambulance services to visit the scene.

Be aware

The police may not want to attend unless there are definite casualties or the vehicles are causing an obstruction to the highway.

2. Exchange details

2. Exchange details

Exchange details with other motorist(s) involved.

These should include:
  • Name, address & phone number
  • Vehicle registration number
  • Insurer details
3. Collate Evidence

3. Collate Evidence

Take photos of the scene and of vehicles if you are able to do so safely. Widespread use of smart phone cameras & video technology has made it far simpler to record the aftermath of an accident. Again this evidence can be crucial.

Make sure to document:
  • Description of vehicle’s including make, model, year, colour & damage.
  • The exact location of the collision and how it happened.
  • Note the names, address & telephone number of any witnesses to the accident.
4. Avoid confrontation

4. Avoid confrontation

Shouting in the street when you are high on adrenalin following a collision don’t help the situation. Avoid confrontation even if you feel angry about what’s happened.

Do not

Discuss who was to blame for the accident in the aftermath and certainly make no admissions.

5. Call your insurers

5. Call your insurers

Report the accident to your motor insurers as soon as you can. Do not prejudice your right to indemnity by failing to comply with policy conditions that will always demand that every accident is reported.


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Recent advances in technology have seen the CrashCube developed. It is the equivelant of an aircrafts black box flight recorder for cars.


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