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Uninsured Driver Claims

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What happens if you have an accident with a driver that has no insurance?

Uninsured driver accidents UK

All the information you need to make a claim following your road accident

Background and statistics

It was recorded during 2013/2014 that almost half a million drivers in the UK were convicted of using a vehicle without insurance. With fines averaging £300 compared to an average insurance premium of £700, one can guess why people might consider taking the risk. However half a million drivers convicted suggests that there are many many more driving on our roads who have not yet been caught. The number of uninsured drivers on UK roads is expected to be in the region of 2 million.

So what do you do if you are involved in an accident with a driver that has no insurance? Its a frightening prospect but think about how many of those 2 million drivers are likely to have an accident. Putting aside the annual statistics which vary wildly, if just 2% were involved in an incident that would equate to 20,000 accidents where one of the parties involved had no valid insurance protection.

How long do you have to make a claim against an “Uninsured Driver” following personal injury?

Use our unique “Accident Claim Time Limit Calculator” below to find out how long you have to make your compensation claim against the negligent driver. Beat the deadline to avoid losing the right to claim an award from the MIB.




It is a huge problem for law abiding drivers and for the authorities. However accident victims can and should claim compensation for their ordeal

No win No fee Uninsured Driver Compensation

Find out how our specialist No win No fee solicitor service can help you and your family recover compensation when you have suffered a personal injury through no fault of your own.


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Hit by a driver with no insurance?

In the UK we are lucky enough to have an incredibly effective safety net for victims of uninsured driver accidents. The Motor Insurers Bureau (MIB) has been set up by the insurance industry to provide compensation for accident victims who have no prospect of making a claim against the responsible party’s insurance.

Although uninsured driver claims can be made, those considering making them should be aware that the process can be more complicated than claiming directly from an insurer. The Motor Insurers Bureau (or MIB) is an industry led organisation set up to compensate victims of accidents involving uninsured or untraced motorists.

The initial objective for the MIB was to compensate innocent parties for personal injury. Now they also deal with property damage claims (vehicle damage etc).

To check if a vehicle has insurance, visit this website.


There are around 1.7 million uninsured drivers on our roads today.

Uninsured drivers

The number of people caught driving without insurance has increased by almost a fifth in the last three years. This means that there are around 1.7 million uninsured drivers on our roads today (1 in 12 of all road users) which adds around £40 to the average annual motor insurance premium. The odds on you having an accident with an uninsured motorist is therefore far higher than you might expect. New police powers allow for vehicles to be impounded if they are proven to have no insurance cover, but progress is slow and the numbers of uninsured vehicles on our roads continue to increase.

Find out how you can make a whiplash injury claim when faced with an uninsured responsible driver.

So what happens when you are involved in such an accident and what should you do to protect your interests?

What you should do after a road accident with an uninsured driver

1. Seek medical attention

1. Seek medical attention

Ensure that you receive medical attention if you have suffered injuries in the accident.

2. Record details of witnesses

2. Record details of witnesses

You may or may not have been able to record the registration number of the responsible party’s vehicle. Try to record details of any witnesses who could be crucial to your claim.

3. Collate evidence

3. Collate evidence

If possible – take photos of the accident scene (or ask a friend to do so) to assist with any liability dispute.

4. Inform the police

4. Inform the police

Report the case to the police if they are not already aware of the accident. This is of great importance to the MIB when the claim reaches them.

5. Get a repair estimate

5. Get a repair estimate

Obtain a repair estimate on your vehicle. An engineer will probably inspect the damage at some point during the claim but an estimate provides a useful guide for repair costs.

Please note:

The MIB will only deal with repair costs if the other vehicle is identified or tracked.

6. Seek assistance

6. Seek assistance

Consider instructing a specialist MIB claims lawyer.

MIB Update:

MIB explained – more information about handling hit and run or uninsured claims

Child victims of hit and run drivers now have until their 21st birthday to bring a claim. This brings them in line with the standard civil procedure set out in the Limitation Act 1980. The case of Byrne v (1) MIB  & (2) Secretary of State for Transport [2008] refers.

The MIB operate two “schemes” known as the Uninsured Drivers Agreement(which concerns accidents with drivers who have no valid insurance) and the Untraced Drivers Agreement (which deals with hit and run cases). Because these claims can be complicated it is important that an MIB specialist solicitor deals with your case to ensure that you get the compensation you deserve.

There are certain rules to comply with that differ from normal claims involving insurers and it is vital that your personal injury claim lawyers are well versed in dealing with the MIB schemes. We have a panel of MIB specialists who can help you with any claim involving “Hit and Run” driver road accidents or those involving people with no insurance.

Also read our “what you must do if you are involved in a car accident” page

Anyone suffering an injury in such an accident can and should make an uninsured driver claim for compensation. The MIB will deal with your case but it is strongly recommended that you instruct a specialist solicitor to help you with the claim. Contact our accident claim helpline today and let us provide you with the advice that you need.

Case study – car accident with an uninsured driver

Our claimant in this particular case was involved in a road accident when the driver of a third party vehicle struck his own vehicle forcibly in the rear.

The damage to both vehicles was extensive and the claimants vehicle was eventually written off. He also suffered severe whiplash injuries and had to take time off work as a self employed builder. To make matters worse for the claimant, he soon found out that the negligent third party, despite being friendly and helpful following the accident, did not in fact have any motor insurance covering him to drive his vehicle.

It had just been purchased and he had not got round to obtaining his policy. He was driving illegally. This left the claimant in difficulties regarding his claim for losses that were not insured such as his excess and lost earnings. Not to mention his whiplash related pain and suffering.

The claimant phoned The Claims Connection and we were able to provide him with some good news regarding his situation. In the UK we are fortunate to have a formal body called the “Motor Insurers Bureau” (MIB) set up to handle claims from victims of either untraced or uninsured drivers. The MIB was formed in 1946 and runs a number of schemes or “agreements” that have been formally ratified by Government. The basic role of the MIB is to provide rightful compensation to those people who suffer loss or harm following an accident with hit and run drivers or drivers that do not have any motor insurance.

They also have a scheme covering accidents abroad. We have a legal team that specialise in MIB road accident compensation claims and so were were able to make substantial progress for the claimant by recouping the uninsured losses and arranging for a medical examination to assess his whiplash injury.

The doctor completed his assessment and sent a report to both sides. In the same way that you agree on the medical findings with insurers in normal cases, you similarly agree the claim details with the MIB who then provide you with an offer of settlement. The offers are generally on a par with the figures you might expect when negotiating with insurers. This case was finally settled for  £3000 including all uninsured losses and the claimant went on to make a full recovery. All legal costs were paid by the MIB.

Summary – The MIB is a much needed outlet for innocent accident victims. Negotiating claims with them can be tough and the complexities involved with the various agreement rules must be properly understood and adhered to. It is strongly recommended that you only use only experienced MIB solicitors to handle claims of this nature. NOTE – the MIB Untraced Drivers agreement (relating to hit & run accidents) involves different rules and has a limitation on legal fees. We charge 25% inc of vat for all Untraced (Hit & Run) claims. Please be aware of its distinction from the Uninsured Drivers agreement discussed here.

Key point – what you need to know
You can still make a claim!

There is still a way you can obtain rightful compensation but the process can be more complicated than claiming directly from an insurer.

There are two MIB Schemes

Uninsured Drivers Agreement – which concerns accidents with drivers who have no valid insurance.

Untraced Drivers Agreement – which deals with hit and run cases.

Report the accident

Report the case to the police if they are not already aware of the accident. This is of great importance to the MIB when the claim reaches them.

The worst areas for this kind of offence (according to the British Insurance Brokers Association are east London, Manchester, Liverpool and Birmingham.

Road Accident statistics

MIB Fast Track Understanding

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Dont be the victim twice over – if you have been involved in an accident where the responsible driver has no insurance you can still claim what is rightfully yours.

The Claims Connection unisured driver road accident page – UK Accident claim and personal injury compensation specialists.

The constant battle for road safety could be helped by the CrashCube. A device that does the same jobs for vehicles that a planes black box flight recorder does.


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