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Slips, trips and falls

If you have suffered a personal injury as a result of a slipping, tripping or falling accident in the UK – you may be entitled to claim No win No fee compensation.

You may be able to claim if you have:
The law in brief in order to make a claim:
  1. You must show that another party was negligent
  2. That injury or damage resulted from this negligence

No win No fee accident advice is available on this site. (More below)

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In the UK we have very good standards of safety. Most public or business areas are in a good state of repair, well maintained etc. However in certain cases standards can drop.

People regularly suffer injuries on poorly maintained roads, pavements, car parks or in supermarkets and shops or other places of business. So how do you know if you actually have a claim? This is a difficult question to answer. All we can tell you is that if you have tripped or slipped on a defect that could and should have been repaired then you really ought to make an enquiry with us about possible compensation.

Similarly if you slip on a wet, greasy surface and have no warning of the danger then you should be able to make a claim.

If you come accross poorly maintained streets in your area you can report problems online at More on anti-slip flooring to improve health & safety

Accidents on ice

Accidents involving slipping or falling on ice are also very common. If you are injured in a fall on an icy pavement or on the roads then it may well be possible to make a claim against the local authority or council for failure to grit and maintain the area.

There is much legal debate at the moment about how far the local council’s burden of responsibility should stretch, so a claim is by no means guaranteed to succeed. However, we would still advise you to make your enquiry with us so we can explore the facts of your case. Each claim has to be considered on its own merits.

If however, an ice related accident occurs on someone else’s property ( ie: shop car parks or public access areas) then the owner of the property or legal “occupier” may be held liable. These claims are far simpler to prove and generally tend to be successful.

There is a very clear distinction between occupiers liability and a councils liability in these cases. Our site has more than 200 pages of useful information discussing many different types of compensation and personal injury claims.

There are some helpful pages (see below) on our site that may help you decide whether or not to pursue compensation.

Why not tell us about your situation or read more on the subject of trip & fall accidents

The Claims Connection trip slip or fall claims section – UK tripping claim and personal injury compensation specialists.

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