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How to treat a whiplash injury

Treatment of whiplash injuries

Before reading this page, please be aware that the information quoted is intended to be a general guide only. There is NO substitute for obtaining personal medical advice from your GP or local hospital. Whiplash injuries can be very debilitating and it is always recommended that you seek professional medical help the moment you start to suffer symptoms.

The symptoms of whiplash are: Neck pain and stiffness, Neck swelling, Tenderness Loss of movement in the neck Headaches. Pain in the low back, Paraesthesia (pins and needles) Blurred vision, Ringing in the ears (tinnitus)

Treatment can be varied depending on the severity of the symptoms:

Within the first few hours of the injury – apply an ice pack to the affected area to minimise swelling. Frozen peas are ideal ice packs.   Go to your GP or visit Accident & emergency dept at your local hospital.

Take a painkiller such as paracetamol or an anti-inflammatory painkiller such as ibuprofen, which will reduce pain and reduce swelling. Always follow the instructions and ask your pharmacist for advice if you have any other conditions or if you are taking any other medication.

Physiotherapy might be necessary. Always seek medical advice before undergoing treatment of this kind (Including OsteopathyChiropracty etc)   Alternative therapy such as acupuncture or holistic remedies are becoming increasingly popular. Again – please seek medical advice before undergoing such treatment.   exercise. Over the years attitudes to whiplash injury and trauma have altered dramatically. It is now felt that light exercise and flexing of the injured muscles can in fact aid recovery. The advice more often than not, is to keep active if at all possible.

*Please seek proper medical advice on your condition – do not simply rely upon information on this or any other website. The advice we provide is for general information only*

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