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Professional negligence claims surveyors & valuers

Complaints against Surveyors and Valuers for professional negligence

If you have been the victim of poor or negligent advice received from a Surveyor or Valuer that has led to financial loss – you may be able to claim compensation.

We are a firm of compensation lawyers who specialise in claims against professionals who wrongly advise their clients. If you have suffered loss or damage as a result of the negligent advice provided by a surveyor or similar professional – please make an enquiry with us today.

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If you have a problem that has arisen as a result of a poor survey or valuation report from a qualified professional – you may be entitled to compensation. Despite excellent standards set by most professional surveyors and valuer organisations, mistakes do happen and the people on the receiving end will quite rightly should explore the prospect of a compensation claim.

This is where our specialised service can help. We have a team of dedicated professional negligence solicitors who can advise you on your prospects of taking legal action against the party or parties who provided the poor advice.

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We cannot help with general complaints about poor service or poor professional attitudes or procedures. We deal with financial loss claims and in order to pursue such a claim you must be able to demonstrate an actual loss has been or is likely to be sustained.

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If we are able to take your surveyor / valuer compensation case further, we will provide you with a completely free legal opinion on the merits of your case. We will advise you in detail about how your claim may proceed. If we feel that your case has merit, we will consider dealing with the matter no win no fee.

Please be aware that our No win No fee services does NOT include payment of disbursements which may be incurred in order to establish negligence.

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