Abbey, Alliance & Leicester and Santander PPI complaints

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Santander which is a Spanish owned bank has now become one of the UK’s most prominent financial institutions following the purchase of Abbey (formerly Abbey National) and Alliance & Leicester.

Abbey National was in its heyday one of the UK’s premier building societies which as was the trend in the late nineties, converted to a bank. Changing names to the Abbey in the last few years before being acquired by Santander, the bank has remained a significant player in the financial market.

Payment protection insurance policies have been sold in large numbers by Abbey during the last few years. PPI is a policy of insurance which covers your credit payments on cards or loans in the event that you cannot work due to illness or redundancy.

Santander now have the headache of taking on the PPI complaint debts which are said to number tens of millions of pounds in premiums refunds.

Alliance & Leicester has for a number of years been a huge player in the financial sector with more credit card holders and personal loan customers than almost any other bank outside the top five.

Were you mis-sold a PPI policy?   We can help with your Santander, Abbey or Alliance & Leicester complaint

If you have at any time had a credit card or taken out a personal loan with protection cover in place, you may wish to review your sales documentation. You may be one of thousands of potential claimants who have yet to successfully recover their PPI premiums.

About our service

Our service can help you obtain your PPI premium refund. We offer a solicitor managed No win No fee claims service for those that would prefer to have representation. Alternatively if you wish to make your complaint personally we have a download guide available which you may find very useful. Don't forget it's not just small loan PPI refinds we deal with, we can also help reclaim mortgage PPI premiums.

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