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Personal injury claims involving children – compensation advice

Personal injury claim involving a child

Welcome to The Claims Connection compensation website. We can assist you or your family members in claiming for personal injury.

Our team of dedicated solicitors help children in obtaining rightful compensation following accident related injuries. We provide:

  • Immediate advice on your case
  • No costs if you lose the case
  • If the case is successful – legal costs will be recovered from the other party
  • No deductions from compensation

More about personal Injury claims

People are very wary of pressing on with a a personal injury claim when they know very little about the process or the costs. There have been many scare stories in the press about how difficult it can be to pursue your case.

The more serious the injury the longer a claim is likely to take. If you have been involved in a serious accident you could make a claim for serious personal injury through our experienced solicitors. Find out how compensation for serious injuries is calculated by reading our in-depth guide and what you should do following a serious accident.

With our service we guarantee you that if you or your child’s claim is one that we believe we can win – we will proceed with the case on a no win no fee basis.

We can say this because the negligent party’s insurance company will pay all your costs if we are successful.

August 2012

Accident statistics – Children on the road 2007: The number of children killed or seriously injured dropped from 3,294 in 2006 to 3,090 in 2007.The total number of children killed or seriously injured fell by 28% (169: 2006) to 121; There were 646 pedestrian deaths (675: 2006). Killed or seriously injured casualties fell to 30,720 (31,845: 2006).

If we are not successful, we regrettably will have to drop the claim and of course our entitlement to any fee.

If a member of your family has died as a result of a fatal accident, which was due to no fault of their own, you may be entitled to make a Fatal Accident Claim to be able to secure compensation. If you or a family member was dependant on the finacial support of the victim you could make a dependants claim. You can also make a victims claim for compensation if they had suffered distress, emotional or physical pain prior to death. There is a separate statutory award for bereavement applicable in certain circumstances.

With our service there are no costs at the start of your claim or in the middle or at the very end. If we think we can win the case on behalf of your child – we will take it on.

If you, your children or any other family members have been involved in an accident and have suffered injury – you might be entitled to claim damages.


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