Perineal tear injury during birth

Perineal tear and birth injury claims

It would be true to say that giving birth is amongst the most traumatic of experiences a person can endure. There are certain things that cannot be avoided as you enter the final stages of pregnancy and one rather obvious medical injury is that of a perineal tear which very often is sustained during a vaginal delivery.

If perineal tears are mis-managed due to medical negligence the damage caused can be long lasting for the mother. Such tears can lead to internal damage and result in life changing trauma.

Do not suffer in silence following a birth injury

However embarrassing or difficult you may find your situation - many other women have come through it. We can help with legal advice and support. Call us on 0845 023 8845.

We have dealt with medical compensation claims for the following injuries sustained during birth:


  • 3rd Degree perinieal tears
  • Inability to have sexual intercourse
  • Incontinence
  • Nerve damage resulting in constant pain.

If you have been injured as a result of poor care during pregnancy or before, during or after labour - you may be able to make a medical compensation claim. Call us for an impartial legal view today.


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