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Personal Injury To Passengers: Taxis, Buses and Coaches

Passengers injured in road accidents in taxi’s or on public transport

If you have suffered an injury whilst travelling as a passenger on a bus, or in a car, taxi or any vehicle (including pillion riders on motorbikes or other forms of public transport) – then you may be able to make a no win no fee claim for road accident compensation.

When traveling as a passenger in a vehicle you are completely in the hands of the driver who must exercise due care and skill at all times. If the drivers actions fall below the standard expected of a reasonable, competent person and this leads to an accident, then a claim against the driver may be possible.

Common passenger related accidents

Taxi accidents

Thousands of people are injured whilst travelling in taxis every year in the UK. Drivers are often tired, stressed or irritable and this can lead to accidents occurring. If you are unlucky enough to be involved in a collision travelling by taxi then you can and should claim if you suffer personal injury. The taxi company will have adequate insurance on the vehicle and this will cover your compensation payments and legal fees.

Car passenger accidents

If you are travelling as a car passenger perhaps with a friend or relative, you are entitled to make a claim against the drivers insurance policy should you suffer injury in an accident. You must show that the driver was negligent although usually this will be easily determined by the circumstances of the incident.

Bus or Coach accidents

The same principles apply here. A bus driver has a huge burden of responsibility in so far as driving safely is concerned. They may be driving a vehicle with up to 70 passengers on board, some of whom could be standing up. Poor driving is not uncommon and again with long shifts and heavy burdens dealing with money or frustrated passengers, incidents happen in their hundreds every month. A fare paying passenger may claim against the bus operator for injury compensation if they can show that the driver (or perhaps another motorist) was negligent.

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Passengers that are involved in accidents are legally in a very strong position.

Unless a you as a passenger somehow contributed to the accident itself, which is of course unlikely, you will be regarded as an innocent party.

You will therefore recover your damages without any liability issues being raised.

Whether you were a bus passenger injured in an accident, a car passenger (taxi fare paying passenger) or even motorcycle pillion rider – we may be able to help you claim compensation. We also have a specialist whiplash compensation  team at your disposal

Making a passenger accident claim with us will not cost you a penny (England & Wales only) so please make your enquiry today. We can deal with any accident involving passengers in cars, taxi’s, buses or pillion passengers on motorcycles. We can also help you get much needed treatment for whiplash and other injuries.

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