December 7th, 2007

MIB Fast Track Understanding

The MIB roll out the Fast Track Understanding scheme to more solicitors – 7th December 2007

 The Motor Insurers Bureau (MIB) have over the years proved themselves to be an important part of the UK's motoring infrastructure.

The MIB is an organisation that is funded by the insurance companies in the UK, who all pay a levy (from insurance premiums) which contributes towards a compensation fund.

The MIB has the job of deciding on compensation awards for injured motorists who have been involved in accidents with uninsured drivers or an untraced (hit and run) driver. Because of the sheer volume of accidents that they deal with, the MIB claims system has suffered from huge backlogs and this has led to much frustration for both solicitors and genuine claimants who have to wait for long periods before anything decisive happens on their case.

As a result of various meetings and discussions that have been taking place with the MIB, the Motor Accident Solicitors Society (MASS) have devised a scheme that will help to accelerate the claims process.

Up to now the scheme has only been available to MASS members but any car accident specialist law firm can apply to the MIB for inclusion into the scheme. The MIB have taken a very pragmatic approach in looking at ways to reduce claim processing delays and have put together the "Fast Track Understanding" which is an agreement that outlines a more accelerated method of dealing with straightforward road accident claims.

This "Understanding" is intended to cover claims handled in house by the MIB where liability appears to be clear. Rear end shunts, side road collision, accidents with parked vehicles will all come under the category of claim that can be covered by the scheme MIB Fast Track cases where quantum (value) of injury and property damages are under £10,000 will be subject to the agreement.

The usual RTA predictable fee system will be in place to deal with legal costs Where an offer for injury compensation is less than £1000, costs are met on the basis of £275 +VAT + agreed disbursements.

This does not apply to Property Damage only cases. The scheme also incorporates physiotherapy for those claimants that need hands on treatment, particularly when dealing with whiplash claims.

The agreement only applies to accidents after 6 Oct03 Pedal cycle accident claims and motorcycle claims also come under the scheme as do those cases involving pedestrians. Multi-claimant cases will be considered only in circumstances where all claims comply with the criteria defined in this section Cases subject to the jurisdiction of England and Wales only – although claims in Scotland are due to be introduced shortly.



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