Leeds hospitals to be fined over MRSA

The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust is likely to be fined £400,000 because it has had too many cases of the MRSA superbug.

The trust faces a fine of £100,000 for every month that the number of MRSA cases exceeds the target agreed by city health bosses and that target has been breached four times in the past 10 months. The trust can only escape the £400,000 fine if it meets the annual figure of 19 cases, but with two months to go to the end of the financial year, that figure has already been met, so any further cases will mean the trust being forced to pay up.

The organisation has had a problem with superdrug numbers in recently years as it has consistently missed national targets on MRSA and Clostridium difficile, though it is now on target to meet targets over the number of C.diff cases.

Out of six hospital trusts of a similar size, Leeds has the highest rate of MRSA infection compared to the number of overnight beds it has.