Government targets tailgating with new road safety plans

The Transport Secretary has said that the government is to clamp down on dangerous drivers by introducing a new offence of careless driving.

The new offence would target those who tailgate or overtake on the inside and would come with a fixed penalty of between £80 and £100 along with points on the licence. Banned drivers would have to resit their driving test to get back behind the wheel and cars would be seized in the most extreme cases.

However, Philip Hammond has angered same road safety charities by axing specific targets to cut the number of deaths on British roads, which currently stands at 2,200 a year, though he said that fatalities should go down, possibly to 1,700 a year by 2020 as a result of the new action taken.

Motoring groups gave a cautious welcome to the proposals, but stressed the need for more police to support the plans. AA president Edmund King said: "It's all very well saying there will be a new offence of careless driving with a fixed penalty notice but the number of traffic police have been cut by about 1,500 in the past 10 years."