Tragic baby death linked to NHS aversion to offer Caesareans

The death of a new born baby which the parents say could have been avoided,… more

Whistleblowing doctor removed from consultant training programme

A young doctor has been given an allegedly rough ride by the NHS after revealing… more

NHS Never Events list 2015/2016 released

The NHS have released an updated booklet on so called “never events” and how they… more

GPs in crisis as poll suggests trouble ahead for many practices

A recent poll by the British Medical Association (BMA) suggests that a huge number of… more

More Junior Doctors Strikes Announced for Spring 2016

A further round of junior doctor strikes has been announced by the British Medical Association… more

Cancer death rates falling in the UK

Cancer Research UK has released new data suggesting death rates are falling by up to… more

Lessons need to be learned after the death of a 1 year old boy

The Health Secretary Jermy Hunt today apologised for a series of NHS mistakes that led… more

Hospitals struggling to meet A&E 4 hour target for seeing patients

As we work our way through mid winter the NHS continues to creak in terms… more

Ambulance services being pushed to the limit

The boss of an ambulance trust has admitted that the service is seriously under strain… more

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