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What to do after a needlestick injury

There are four steps you should take if you have suffered a needlestick injury.


If the injury has happened very recently then encourage it to bleed and wash it with copious amounts of soap and running water


Go to the Hospital, GP or Occupational Health Department for treatment as soon as possible,


Make an entry in the accident book as soon as possible. Your employer or line manager must be made aware of the incident,


4Make a claim and contact us.


These injuries are very common within the healthcare industry. A recent 7-year study was conducted by the Health Protection Agency (‘eye of the Needle’). The report clearly stated that needle-stick injuries were the most commonly reported type of exposure and the majority of incidents were amongst healthcare workers.

Help and advice on needlestick injuries is available and most people who injure themselves in these circumstances may well be entitled to claim compensation.


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