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Motorcycle accident compensation

It is generally accepted that riding a motorcycle can be extremely dangerous. Motorcyclists are most certainly amongst the more vulnerable of road users and usually an accident will involve a moderate to severe degree of personal injury.

The majority of the motorcycle accidents that we deal with involve other road users failing to see the bike. There are however many incidents involving poorly marked or defective road-works, potholes and spillages that all pose dangers for bike riders. Such incidents may well give rise to a claim being made against the negligent party. If you are a motorcyclist and have been involved in an accident – you may be entitled to make a road accident claim. We can tell you immediately whether you have a valid claim and what your prospects are for claiming personal injury compensation.

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Accident statistics for motorcyclists UK; In 2007, the number of serious casualties among motorcycle users increased to 6,737 (6,484: 2006). The all inclusive motorcycle casualty list for 2007 was up slightly to 23,459 (23,326: 2006)

What can you claims

If you make a motorcycle accident claim – you could be entitled to claim for:

  • Pain and suffering (awards starting at £1000)
  • Treatment costs – physiotherapy etc
  • Motorcycle repair costs or replacement value – this will be subject to evidence such as a repair estimate but usually the insurers for the liable party will obtain an engineers report.
  • Loss of use – This can be a major item that most people do not even bother claiming. You are entitled to claim for an amount per week for the full period that your bike is off the road and unusable. Awards of £50-70 per week are possible.
  • Miscellaneous items such as loss of earnings, out of pocket expenses will also be reclaimed.
  • Additional travel costs – incurred whilst the motorbike is off the road or you are not fit enough to ride same because of your injuries. Should you go ahead with a claim?

Read our road accident compensation claim page to learn more about the legal process Read our case study on motorcycle claims

Motorcyclist compensation awards – how much will you receive?

This is a fair question and one that many motorcyclists feel guilty about asking. It is not an easy question to answer unfortunately because every accident injury is different. However we have provided the following guide based on our own statistics: These figures are based on our on awards that we have achieved for our clients and are for guidance only Injury

  • Broken ankle 12 months £4000-£5000
  • Back injury 2 years £3500-£4000
  • Fractured wrist 2 years £4000-£5000
  • Knee fracture 2 year £6000-£12000
  • Foot fracture 18 months £4500-£6500
  • Broken femur incomplete recovery £12,000-£25000

What to do after a motorcycle accident

  1. Ensure that you exchange details with the other party.
  2. Report the case to the police if they are not already aware of the accident. This can be of great importance if the other party does not cooperate during any claim
  3. Ensure that you receive medical advice if you have suffered injuries in the cycle accident.
  4. If possible – take photos of the accident scene (or ask a friend to do so) to assist with any liability dispute.
  5. Obtain an estimate on your cycle damage OR find your original purchase receipt if the bike is beyond repair. A replacement cost estimate will suffice in most circumstances if the original receipt is unavailable. Cycle accidents can be very open to disputes on liability so you may need to prepare for the worst.

More information

The Bikesafe initiative is a nationwide plan of action to reduce the number of motorcycle accident casualties by promoting safer riding. From the official website: “This popular and successful initiative has now received enthusiastic backing from Roadsafe Roadsafe is a road safety partnership of leading companies in the automotive and transport industries in Britain, the Government and road safety professionals.

It’s objective is to reduce deaths and injuries caused on the road and promote safer road use. Roadsafe is chaired by Steve Norris and is linked to the Prince Michael Road Safety Awards Scheme. Official statistics: In 2006, the number of casualties among motorcycle users increased by 5% to 599. The all inclusive motorcycle casualty list for 2006 was 23,326 down 6% – read more.


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