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Occupational illness and disease claims

No win no fee advice on claims for industrial deafness, vibration white finger and asbestosis

If you have suffered from a disease, injury or disorder that you believe may be work related – you may be entitled to make a No win No fee claim.

These cases can be very difficult as unlike accident claims the injured party must show that on the balance of probability, the symptoms being complained of were caused or aggravated by working conditions. This is a specialised area of law and we have a team of experienced solicitors ready to help with your case.


Many people wrongly believe that these claims only apply to workers in heavy industrial jobs such as mining or steel manufacturing. In actual fact there are a vast number of jobs that may lead to occupational disease or disability. Any job that requires workers to use hand held tools, work in noisy environments or involve a degree of exposure to hazardous substances (such as asbestos or even chemicals). You may have worked in such environments many years ago but only now noticed the symptoms.

Please make an enquiry with us today regarding your possible claim for industrial illness compensation. You may be entitled to a significant award along with lost earnings or treatment costs.

We can help with claims arising from work carried out in key industrial towns such as Manchester, Leeds, Birmingham, Nottingham, Bradford, Hull, Bristol, Cardiff, Newport, Newcastle, Sunderland and the North east.

More about occupational disease or disability claims:

Asbestos Illnesses

Asbestos compensation claims

Asbestosis is a disease affecting the lungs which results from breathing in asbestos fibres. These fibres cause irritation in the lungs and this leads to scarring. Further complications can occur such as thickening of the surrounding tissue and this can deteriorate into a condition known as fibrosis. Asbestos exposure can cause many different types of symptoms and conditions such as pleural thickening, Mesothelioma, lung disease and asbestosis. There are varying degrees of severity.

If you were exposed to asbestos at anytime between the years 1950-1985 you might have the right to make a legal claim. Read about employers Liability and asbestos victims

Noise induced hearing loss (NIHL)

Industrial or Occupational hearing loss

Occupational Deafness or Noise Induced Hearing Loss to quote the more common legal term, is a deterioration of a person’s hearing as a result of their working environment. This usually results from prolonged unmanaged exposure to a noise in the workplace.

There are many occupations that can result in exposure to noise and it is for the employer to risk assess the dangers posed to their workforce, before then dealing with the issues to protect their employees. If you have been exposed to noise at work – you might be able to claim.

Some people will have symptoms that result from working in noisy environments many years ago. Such cases, whilst complex can still lead to compensation being awarded.

Loud machinery on farms can cause this problem too so if you have been injured whilst working on a farm you could be entitled to compensation. Speak to our specialist farming accident solicitors today to discuss your case. You can make farm machinery injury claims if you have been injured by any of the machinery found on a farm. If you are not a British national and have been injured whilst working on a farm in the UK we can assist you too with foreign farm worker claims.

Vibration injuries

Vibration White Finger (now more commonly known as “Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome“) is an industrial injury which mainly affects people who use hand-held power tools over a sustained period of time. Tools such as grinders, hammers, pneumatic drills, chainsaws, sanding machines, strimmer’s or other similar machine tools can all cause varying degrees of vibration induced injury. Vibration white finger claims

It has been established for many years now that using such tools on a regular basis during a sustained period of time can cause injury. employer’s have/ a duty to protect workers from harm by introducing time constraints when using vibrating tools as well as providing personal protective equipment (PPE’s) to reduce the effects of the vibration. UPDATE – Millions at risk from vibration injury at work

Work related upper limb disorder (WRULD) claims

Read more about work related upper limb injuries caused by working conditions, routines or tool usage.

If your employer has failed to prevent or safeguard against your injuries then you may be entitled to make a claim.

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For comprehensive information on Health & Safety in the workplace from the official government website, please visit:


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