Military compensation claims for hearing loss or deafness

Army, Navy and RAF no win no fee deafness claim

Over the years despite huge strides in health and safety across industry, those employed by the military have very often been left behind as far as legislation is concerned.

The situation is now much better and many people employed in the forces are able to exercise their legal rights much more freely.

Music teachers ordered to wear earmuffs - 5th March 2009. Teachers in the UK have been warned to wear earmuffs or stand behind noise screens to protect their hearing. This is apparently because beginners tend to thrash away and make far more noise than would otherwise be the case. The HSE have set levels for maximum daily exposure to sustained noise and the results may surprise people (particularly music teachers!)

Since 1987 it has been possible for military personnel to claim compensation for personal injury including hearing loss and tinnitus. This assumes that the Ministry of Defence was negligent or in breach of its statutory duties in failing to protect the personnel. 

If the hearing loss resulted from unsafe training or equipment that was not working properly, it may be possible to make a compensation claim against the MoD. 

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If your employer has failed to take steps to reduce excessive noise in your working environment or provide protective equipment such as ear defenders etc -  you may be entitled to make a claim.

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