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Slipping or falling on ice – shop or supermarket negligence

Slipping or falling accidents on ice in public places

We offer legal advice to individuals who have suffered injury following a fall on ice or snow whilst in a public place. We discuss what may lead to a compensation claim being made and what steps should be taken to make such a claim.

Accidents in a shop or store..? Read our supermarket accident claims pages to find out what steps you should take if you hurst yourself in Tesco, Sainsbury’s or Morrisons.

Read more about trips and slips for incidents not involving ice or related weather conditions. If you have suffered injury in a fall – we can help you make a claim and offer a totally free UK legal service. Make an enquiry about your case today.

A business that invites customers to use its facilities (whether these be inside or outside the premises) has a duty to ensure their safety. This duty is strict and if there is an accident, businesses will be tested on whether their actions were reasonable or appropriate. If there is a cold spell and snow or ice forms in an area such as the car park then there is a duty to make the area safe. Customers should be able to walk safely to and from the shop / business and back to their vehicle.

If a visitor to the premises has an accident on ice due to the occupiers negligence at making the area reasonably safe, a claim could be made.

All vehicles should in turn be able to arrive and depart without risking an accident. This means that the car park and walkways need to be “reasonably” free of ice and snow.

It is the duty of the supermarket, shop or business to grit the area, remove snow and ensure the safety of their customers. If they fail to do this then they may be liable.

You must look at whether reasonable steps have been taken under the circumstances. To make an enquiry about a slipping accident and to find out if you may be entitled to claim compensation – please complete the brief form opposite.

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