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Whiplash Injury Compensation

Whiplash Injury Compensation Claim

Making a claim for whiplash injury compensation is simple with the Claims Connection service. If you have been hurt in an accident that was not your fault, the law recognises that you should have the right to claim compensation. You can make an enquiry with us today about your case and we may also be able to assist your passengers if they were also injured.

A whiplash injury can be particularly troublesome. Despite the negativity promoted by the media here in the UK, anyone who has suffered a genuine neck or back injury following a road accident will confirm that these injuries are debilitating and can be very serious indeed. Whiplash occurs when the soft tissue in the spine is stretched and strained in an acceleration or deceleration motion. The neck is more commonly affected and most injuries require hospital treatment. We can help with a claim and also with bus passenger compensation cases.

If you lose a whiplash injury compensation case – in other words the matter is successfully defended and you are found fully to blame for the accident – then you will still have nothing to pay because of the no win no fee agreement.


Start Your Whiplash Claim

If you have been in a road accident and you are suffering from whiplash then why not make a no win, no fee injury claim with No hassle, no delay just straight forward legal advice

What compensation can you expect for your whiplash injury?

For ease of reference here is a short summary of claim valuations that our firm has recorded from recent cases. The figures quoted are based on results that we have achieved for our claimants and should not be considered as guaranteed awards – they are for your guidance only:

InjuryRecovery PeriodCompensation
Damage to the neck4 weeks£850 – £1000
Serious damage to the neck1 year£2250 – £3000
Damage to the back2 years£2500 – £5000
Whiplash injuryIncomplete recovery£6000 – £12000
Fractured collarbone1 year£3500 – £6000
Fractured  wrist2 years£3500 – £5000
Fractured sternum2 years£3000 – £5000
PTSD / Shock2 years£3500 +
Simple leg fracture2 years£5000 +

Why make a Whiplash Injury claim with us?

Here are 5 good reasons to choose our service:
  •  If you lose your case we do not charge you, that is the risk we take with a No win No fee claim.
  • We are a regulated specialist law firm. We are not middlemen or salesmen.
  • Our service has been online for more than 10 years!
  • We have helped thousands of people win compensation.

* This does not include hit and run accident claims or criminal injury claims where costs cannot be recovered.


Insurers nowadays have adopted a tactic known as “Third party capture”. This is a method of capturing injured parties before they obtain legal advice.   If you do not seek legal advice you will almost certainly receive a raw deal from the insurers. We can say this because we have many examples of such conduct. Insurer claims departments try to save money wherever possible – they are acting in their own interests – not yours.

This legal advice website is managed by compensation specialists TO BE CONFIRMED who are authorised and REGULATIONS TBA. We deal with whiplash injury claims and other personal injury matters.

More reading: How long do you have to claim?How long does a claim actually take?  The Claims Connection – UK Accident claim and personal injury compensation specialists. Get specialist legal advice on your claim. Our solicitors are waiting to take your call.



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