How long will my No win No fee personal injury claim take to settle?

How long do claims take before you receive a payout?

This is a question that cannot be answered accurately by any representative in the early stages of a claim. Each claim is considered on its own merits and some claims - for example those involving No win No fee medical negligence, can take many years. (Worth knowing also how long you have to make a medical claim using our handy tool.) 

Its worth reading our 5 insurers tricks to watch out for. An insurance company will do their best to get rid of your claim quickly - its cheaper that way!

People deal with their injuries in very different ways, and recover at different speeds and there are many factors that intervene with every single claim. This of course affects injury payouts, some suggested claim awards are listed below:

Injury Recovery period Possible award
Whiplash injury to neck 8 months £2000-£2500
Back injury 2 years £3500-£4000
Fractured wrist (scaphoid) 2 years £4000-£5000
Knee injury 1 year £3000
Foot injury 6 months £1500
Facial scarring (female) Permanent blemish £10,000
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How long do you have to make a personal injury accident claim?

Use our unique "Accident Compensation Time Limit Calculator" below to find out how long you have to make your compensation claim in the UK. Beat the deadline to avoid losing the right to claim an award


Typical examples include:

Some insurers in simple "road accident" cases are making offers to settle claims in weeks rather than months. This can be a good thing for the claimant but if a settlement is rushed very often you can end up being short changed so far as any compensation award is concerned.

Our solicitors will not recommend any offer of settlement is accepted until we have acquired a clear and decisive opinion from a doctor on your symptoms and future outlook. Only then can we assess quantum (the value) of the claim.

You should never rush settlement of an accident claim. If you do and if you suffer a relapse or deterioration then there is no going back.   It is vital that you get the right compensation award for your personal injury and this can only happen when the full facts have been considered and you are certain as to how your recovery will proceed. Making a personal injury claim is not about easy money or a quick compensation process leading to a quick return.

It is about ensuring your future well being and receiving a monetary award to compensate you for the pain and suffering caused. At the same time your treatment and personal needs may need to be assessed.

Do not for example settle a whiplash injury claim without having some confidence in your physical recovery.