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Medical claim time limit calculator – Find out how long you have to claim compensation


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If you have suffered injury or harm following medical negligence in the UK you may be entitled to claim compensation from the healthcare professional concerned. Strict time limits apply to such claims and you should find out as soon as possible whether you have a valid claim.

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Medical compensation time limits explained

In most cases you will have 3 years to make a claim for medical negligence from the date of the injury. The “date of injury” refers to the date of the operation, procedure or wrongful advice which can include incorrect prescriptions. Most patients are aware of this date and can work out the claim deadline quite easily.

In medical cases however, the law recognises that it is not always possible to be fully aware of just when an injury was sustained. Hence there is an added time limit extension which allows for a claim to be made 3 years from the date of “knowledge” of an injury. This being the date you first became reasonably aware that an injury may have been the result of negligence.

Calculate your claim time limit now

Find how long you have to make your medical compensation claim. Our unique claim deadline calculator below will give you an estimate when your claim period might expire. (Note: Our calculator provides a rough time limit guideline only – you must seek legal advice on your particular case from a qualified specialist solicitor)


Do not miss your claim deadline or you will miss out on your chance to claim much needed compensation

Why is there a claim deadline?

The UKs legal system has a well established principle regarding limitation periods for making compensation claims. For personal injury and medical injury claims the limit is set at 3 years to allow for a fair assessment of a claim within a reasonable time frame. Evidence and the recollection of the victim and the health professional needs to be fresh to avoid miscarriages of justice.


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