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Supermarket accident claims

Accident in a supermarket causing personal injury

lady having slipping accident in supermarket
If you have suffered a fall in a supermarket or shop – we can help you make a claim and offer a totally free UK legal service.

What happens if you hurt yourself in an accident whilst shopping in a supermarket? If the store management were negligent you may be able to claim No win No fee compensation.

A supermarket (as with any other type of business) has a duty to safeguard its customers and staff. This means taking necessary precautions to avoid accidents that can be foreseen along with ensuring that staff are trained to manage hazards which might cause harm.

3 most common store accidents

Shoppers slipping on dropped fruit (grapes being a prime cause of injury)

Wet floors due to leaking refrigerators, water containers or dropped items (the flower aisle a particularly hazardous area)

Shelving or racking collapsing

Case example: Slip in a supermarket

*The case illustrates what happened in one particular case and is discussed for guidance purposes only. Please seek legal advice on your own circumstances.

The claimant was shopping in her local supermarket. She was alone and intended to purchase some bread and a few other items. She reached over to collect a loaf of bread and then stepped back to place the item in her trolley.

The claimant did not see a low lying base tray that was lying next to the shelving. This warehousing aid had small wheels on it and generally would be used for moving bread crates around the store. It had been left unattended in the shopping aisle by one of the bakery workers. The claimant placed her foot right onto the tray and she immediately swept off her feet falling to the floor.

The claimant called The Claims Connection for advice. We confirmed that she had a genuine claim for damages and would be able to recover the following heads of claim:

  • Pain & Suffering
  • Loss of earnings (part time job)
  • Care services costs
  • Treatment costs

We negotiated a settlement of £10,100 for the claimant after a brief argument on liability that was presented by the supermarket insurer. Ultimately they accepted that the crate equipment constituted a danger to the shoppers given its proximity and position on the aisle.

Why should you choose us? From the moment you contact us you are dealing directly with experienced lawyers, not middlemen or intermediaries Have you been the victim of a trip, slip or fall related accident? Whether this occurred in a shop, supermarket or anywhere else – you  might be entitled to compensation.

It is worth bearing in mind that during winter, supermarkets and shops have a duty to keep areas free from ice to avoid slipping accidents around their premises. The external shop areas should be salted or gritted and a walkway maintained during any cold spell.


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