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Dentist negligence – dental claims

Advice on dental negligence claims

Dentists are not infallible, they make mistakes and unlike other professions they can not undo many of the errors that are made.

If you have suffered injury following a dental procedure or as a result of wrongful dental advice or intervention – you may be entitled to claim no win no fee compensation. We have a team of specialists ready to deal with your claim.

Not to be confused with medical negligence claims dental cases are a very specialist area but we have the necessary expertise to help you win your claim. The general standard of dentistry and oral care in the UK is considered to be very good. We have various organisations that help to set standards in the industry such as the British Dental Association and the Dental Practice Board.

Despite the high standards there are many thousands of examples every year of people suffering both physically and mentally from experiences in the dentists chair.

Dentists are not infallible, they make mistakes and unlike other professions they can not undo many of the errors that are made.   Once a tooth is removed, there is no turning back. Once teeth are damaged due to a lack of skill or care they may never be the same again. For this reason we focus on claims for dentistry negligence and provide a no win no fee service that is second to none in the UK.   These claims are not ‘run of the mill’ compensation cases. But if you have been injured in these circumstances it is only right that you seek legal advice on your situation.  We can provide you with this advice and can offer you an unrivalled nationwide service.

Please be aware that we can only help with cases involving lengthy periods of pain, loss of teeth or in cases where further surgery is required.




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