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Accident at work – Construction site accidents

Accident at work – Construction site accidents

Construction accidents

If you have been injured in the workplace you may be entitled to claim compensation. This section of our use friendly website deals with accidents that occur in the construction industry.

Please read the information below or contact us today on HELPLINE TBA for assistance on your case and we can advise you immediately of your right to claim.

An employer must always carry out a risk assessment in the form of an investigation conducted to identify whether any particular act or operation gives rise to a safety risk or hazard. It goes without saying that construction is a “high risk” industry. employers must ensure that employees are working in conditions that comply with regulations and minimise the risk of injury at all times. There are a vast number of hazards that exist in construction and an employer has a strict duty to safeguard the welfare and the wellbeing of all employees.

If you have suffered a personal injury on a construction site – please make an enquiry with us today in order to determine whether you can claim compensation.

Here are some general management guidelines that must now be adhered to on construction sites in the UK:  

  • Induction courses should be arranged for all site personnel
  • A list of all contractors names should be provided to us before work starts.
  • All contractors should sign in and out of the site at the beginning and end of each working day.
  • All accidents should be reported in our company accident book.
  • The site must be left in a clean and tidy state at the end of each day.
  • No tools or other equipment may be left lying around areas used by staff due to the risk of accidents.
  • Wherever possible, materials must be brought onto the premises before or after core business hours.

Please read the following links to find out more about the different types of accidents at work that we can deal with:

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  2. Involving cranes
  3. Involving Forklifts
  4. Involving equipment
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  6. Ladders/scaffolding
  7. Inadequate training
  8. Lifting accidents – Manual Handling
  9. Building site safety

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Remember – we don’t charge you a penny at any time to claim your compensation (England & Wales only)

Electrical safety is also one area where additional safeguards must be put in place. Read more about Electrical safety and PAT testing in the UK. What to do when you have been injured at work

Please note – The information here relates to general injury claim procedures. We also deal with specialist legal areas such as asbestos disease claims. Many of these cases involve slow developing symptoms and it is important that you obtain advice as soon as possible on your situation.

The Claims Connection accident at work industrial injury section – UK Accident claim and personal injury compensation. Health and safety at work

For comprehensive information on Health & Safety in the workplace from the official government website, please visit:

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