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Compensation claims – personal injury advice

Compensation claims

Welcome to The Claims Connection – compensation service. We are a personal injury service with a difference.

We don’t confuse you with legal jargon, we don’t act like window salesmen and we definitely don’t ask you for to pay hefty bills before, during or after you make your claim.

We offer a straightforward no win no fee service that means if your claim is worth pursuing – we will take it on without asking you for one penny.

You are guaranteed: An immediate review of your case no costs to pay – ever 100% compensation paid out Compensation.

The facts:

Generally speaking you have 3 years to claim for your personal injuries – this runs from the date of any event that led to the actual injury. This period is not etched in stone (click here) but it is a serious deadline that applies in the majority of civil cases.

If we think we can win your case – we will take it on. All costs will be paid by the losing party once we have secured your compensation.

If we lose – and no claim is ever guaranteed to succeed – then we walk away without asking you for a penny. That is a risk we take.

Lets put some facts your way to let you decide whether or not you want to proceed with your claim.

Personal injury information

First things first – lets clarify what you should be looking for at this stage.

The priorities should be:

First and foremost you want to incur no expenses in pursuing your accident claim. Secondly you want simple, straightforward legal advice.

You want an immediate view on your case prospects.

Are you likely to win 100%, 50% or nothing at all?   You want to know what timescales are involved (ie: how long to settle?)

You need to know if your compensation is paid 100% or if you “lose” a proportion to pay certain fees.

Finally you may want to how much your compensation award is likely to be.

These are honest questions and fortunately we can provide some honest answers.

Some useful facts:

You have 3 years to make a claim for personal injury. This date runs from the accident and in real terms means that you have to sue the other party before the three years expires.

There are some exceptions to this rule. In England & Wales – because of the No win No fee rules which are now law – you should be able to pursue any genuine claim at no cost.

Our helpline advisors are all experienced people who will tell you the moment you call whether you have a claim. We will also indicate your likely chances of success.

Most soft tissue personal injury claims settle within 6-9 months. The more serious the injury the longer a claim is likely to take.     How much compensation you will receive depends largely on a number of important factors. No competent advisor can tell you from the outset what a claim is likely to be worth – however we can provide a general guide based on what certain injuries with certain recovery patterns have achieved previously.

As a general rule your case may fall into the brackets discussed on this page. This information will give you some idea of what awards can be expected.

We make the compensation claims process as simple as possible minimising inconvenience and maximising customer service.   If you think you might have a claim just complete the brief form below. Our team will respond to all written enquiries within one hour 8am-8pm.   For immediate assistance on any claim involving – road accidents injuries, whiplash, pedestrian injuries, accidents at work or accidents on the street / public place please:

The Claims Connection – Personal injury & compensation claims advice website note: Fee arrangements may be different in Scotland because of existing legislation and legal constraints.

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