Medical negligence ophthalmic claims

Laser eye surgery complications and your right to make a compensation claim

During the last ten years there has been an explosion in the growth of laser eye corrective surgery in the UK.

With celebrity sportsmen and slick advertising campaigns extolling the benefits of such surgery, it is no surprise that this "industry" has experienced such unprecedented success.

What has been noticeable is the fact that there are now dozens of clinics across the UK, performing this surgery for a very modest fee. With some deals as low as £750 for both eyes, one can easily understand why people are drawn to the idea.

This type of corrective surgery can bring huge benefits but not without a potentially significant risk. That is where our sales pitch comes to an end.

Unfortunately with the huge increase in patients opting for this treatment has come a sharp increase in the numbers of those left with serious complications following botched or negligent surgery.

There are examples of operations being conducted by surgeons  who are simply not qualified or not experienced enough to perform the task.

Further instances where surgeons rushing to complete hectic surgery rosta's commit errors they would not otherwise make.  Worse still there are reports of clinics exaggerating their success ratios to boost sales.  Where in fact the truth is that certain clinics are presiding over appalling failure rates.

August 2012

The British journal of Ophthalmology states that the failure rate for the treatment is one in 10, not the one in 1,000 as is widely advertised.

If you have suffered from medical negligence at the hands of an incompetent eye specialist surgeon, please get in touch with our clinical negligence legal team to discuss your case further. 

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