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Personal Injury No win No fee Compensation Guidance

This site is dedicated to helping people make a personal injury claim.

If you have suffered injury following an accident in the UK – we can help you claim No win No fee compensation. In this guide we describe what happens during the claims process once you actually start your case.

The procedures below are broadly what you can expect to follow in most accident claim circumstances however, every case is different and you must use the detail provided as a guide and nothing more.

The first thing to point out is that you should have legal representation. This is a very convenient comment from our perspective but the reality is that any personal injury claim against a compensator (usually an insurance company) will involve a legal process that has to be adhered to and understood fully.

The compensator and their negotiating team understand the law and know how to minimise their losses by taking a tough stance on certain issues relating to your personal injury claim. Do not get off to a bad start by failing to recognise the obvious need for representation – make sure you level the playing field and obtain adequate compensation.

You have the option of contacting us for compensation claim advice and we will advise you immediately if your situation is one we can help you with. Our experts will do everything possible to take care of your interests and pursue no win no fee compensation on your behalf.

Once contact has been made with the insurance company, in the majority of civil cases both sides will deal with initial correspondence under the terms of the Pre Action Protocol.

These ‘rules’ were introduced in April of 1999 and are an integral part of the reforms implemented by Lord Woolf the Lord Chief Justice in 1999. The personal injury sector has become much more streamlined as a result of these reforms.

The key points of the protocol that must be adhered to are:

Liability must be agreed by the Insurers within 4 months of receiving the claimants letter of claim (includes 21 day initial period).

If liability is to be denied then witness evidence must be provided in support of the denial.

Both sides must agree a mutually acceptable expert to deal with any relevant issues – in most cases this will involve agreeing a suitable medical expert to assess the injuries caused by the accident.

Both sides can make offers to settle known as “Part 36 offers”. This form of offer can be a very useful tool for both sides.

In most cases all costs associated with a claim will be repaid by the insurers – provided that they accept liability and are willing in principle to pay the claim.

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