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Car accident personal injury compensation claims – UK legal advice

Legal advice on injury claims following a car accident

If you have been unlucky enough to have been involved in a road accident and suffered a personal injury – you might be entitled to compensation. Find out today whether you can claim by contacting our legal experts at The Claims Connection.

Road accident compensation Generally speaking if the accident was not your fault – or at least not completely your fault, you should be able to claim pain and suffering damages. You will need to substantiate that the other driver was to blame – sometimes this can be self evident but it is always useful to have witnesses available to support your case. even the most simple of accidents can result in a dispute between the insurers and your representatives.

  1. The claims process is relatively simple and will progress as follows:
  2.  You must firstly agree or argue liability
  3. Once a decision has been reached – assuming the insurers agree to pay your claim in principle – you can progress on to the medical aspects of the claim.
  4. You will be sent to a local doctor who will assess your condition and report back to your solicitor and the insurers.
  5. The insurers and your solicitors will then be able to agree your compensation. Most claims follow this simple pattern but of course every claim is different and more serious or problematic injuries will involve a more prolonged claims process.

Read more about the subject of road accident claims. We have dozens of pages devoted to issues such as whiplash compensation and accidents involving busespedestrians and also passenger personal injury cases where people very often do not know their legal rights.

Find out today if you can make a claim.

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