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Bus Passenger Accident Claims

London bus accident

This legal advice website is managed by TO BE CONFIRMED authorised and REGULATIONS TBA. Our compensation service is dedicated to providing advice for bus passengers in England & Wales.

If you have been involved in an accident whilst travelling as a passenger on a bus – you may be entitled to claim compensation.

It is recommended that you do not claim directly from the large bus passenger transport operators in the UK. They have very slick claims management procedures which could try and “short change” you, it is important if you are represented by a law firm who know the industry and know the pitfalls.

A bus driver has a legal duty to safeguard his passengers, if he or she fails in that duty and you suffer injury – you may be able to claim

How long do you have to make a bus accident claim?

Use our unique “Accident Claim Time Limit Calculator” below to find out how long you have to make your compensation claim against the negligent driver. Beat the deadline to avoid losing the right to claim an award




Why choose our bus accident compensation service?

  • We are specialists in bus accident compensation claims. We know the bus companies and their claims process extremely well. We know what evidence to request that will ultimately allow your case to succeed.
  •  We operate a ‘no win, no fee’ service.
  • If you lose we won’t charge you a penny under our ‘no win, no fee’ agreement.


No win No fee Bus Accident Compensation

Find out how our specialist No win No fee bus accident service can help you and your family recover compensation when you have suffered a personal injury through no fault of your own.


We guarantee that if your case is unsuccessful, we will make no charge.

3 Most common bus accidents causing personal injury

  1. Heavy brakingWe deal with more braking incidents than any other type of situation. Imagine the damage that can be caused if a bus going at 40mph suddenly brakes and comes to a stop. If a driver fails to concentrate and brakes too late (which is very common) then it is likely that people will get hurt.
  2. Not waiting until a passenger sits down

    When you enter the bus you need a few seconds to reach your seat. Otherwise and this is particularly the case for elderly passengers, you are going to be unsteady on your feet and vulnerable to injury. Many bus drivers do not wait long enough for a person to reach their seat.

  3. Passengers not staying seated until the bus reaches a stop

    Many passengers get up from their seats too early and try to make their way to the front in order to disembark from the bus. The problem is that very often this means the bus could be moving at quite a speed and many people fall and hurt themselves. It is rarely the case that the driver can be blamed in this instance. The way to stay safe is to ring the bell and wait until the bus reaches the stop.


    BREAKING NEWS: 77 Year old bus driver quizzed after horrific incident colliding with a Sainsburys building.

Bus operators in the UK – The big 4

Transport for London (TfL)

Whilst they do not own any bus companies or franchises TfL are responsible for managing 8500 vehicles via their subsidiary company London Bus Services Ltd. There are 50 bus stations within the London area and almost 20,000 bus stops. This makes the TfL the biggest bus management organisation in the UK. If you have had an accident or suffered injury on a TfL operated bus – complaints can be sent via this link:


Founded in 1980 in Scotland with just 2 buses, Stagecoach has grown to become a major bus operator in the UK. With their main body of business now in the south of England.  Complaints information can be found here

First Group

First buses cover almost every large town in the UK and are one of the most innovative companies investing heavily in technology (recently apps) for the benefit of their passengers. The firm also operates a rail and tram network. Complaints can be sent via this link


Another huge firm but focusing mainly on the North and North west of England and the midlands area. This firm however also operate trains and trams across the UK. Complaints can be directed here

Braking incidents – Injury from heavy braking

Many injuries that occur on public transport result from excessive braking on the part of the bus or coach driver. The momentum caused by the rapid deceleration can cause serious problems for elderly or infirm passengers. Remember there are no seatbelts on the majority of UK buses.

Whilst to a degree emergency action is necessary from time to time, it is not acceptable for a bus driver to be hitting the brakes in an aggressive manner after failing to anticipate what is happening on the road ahead. Very often braking incidents are the result of poor not sensible driving.


Your Rights – Bus Accident Claims

Passengers on public transport are well protected by the law and are allowed to bring claims against the bus company where a driver has been negligent or there has been a breach of statutory duty pursuant to the “Public Service Vehicles (conduct of drivers, inspectors, conductors and passengers) Regulations 1990” (as amended).


Try to remember if you are involved in a bus accident – If possible ensure the driver is notified that you have been injured – sometimes injuries are not immediately apparent but if you have the opportunity, always report to the driver.

The bus company owe you a duty of care and their drivers are supposed to drive with reasonable care. If they fall below this standard – you could and should be able to make a bus accident claim. Make a note of the Bus route number, vehicle registration number and drivers name if possible. Always retain your bus ticket. Please make a note of any available witnesses.

We can help you make a claim against bus companies including the following:

  • Transdev
  • National Express
  • Arriva
  • First Group (First Buses)
  • Stagecoach

Case study – Bus accident claim

The claimant was a fare paying passenger on a bus seated on the lower deck close to the front.

He could see the road ahead through the front window of the vehicle. The bus was late and the claimant noticed the driver seemed to be rushing possibly to make up lost time. The driver was travelling quite fast through a 30 mph zone and the claimant looked on in horror as he ploughed into a pedestrian bollard / island in the middle of the road.

The driver braked hard and the vehicle swerved from side to side. Luckily no other vehicles were involved in the incident. The passengers were thrown around inside the bus and the claimant banged his shoulder on the seat in front. Otherwise no one appeared to be hurt. Most passengers were just shaken up but after a few minutes the claimant felt a severe pain in his shoulder and neck. he felt sick. The driver pulled over and surveyed the damage allowing the passengers to exit the vehicle.

An ambulance was called and the claimant along with 3 other passengers made their way to the local A&E. The claimant had suffered a severe soft tissue injury to his neck and a strained shoulder in the accident. The injuries were still troubling him after a week so he decided to make an enquiry regarding a bus accident claim.

He telephoned The Claims Connection and we advised him that he had the right to make a bus accident claim against the bus company’s insurance because of their drivers recklessness. He would be entitled to claim the following: Pain and suffering compensation, Treatment costs & physio costs and loss of earnings. The claimant made a full recovery within 6 months. We settled the case for £2000 for pain and suffering and secured £400 in other expenses such as earnings / prescriptions, care and services etc.

If you have suffered a bus accident – please make an enquiry with us.

Our service is nationwide and covers all parts of the UK.

The Claims Connection passenger compensation claims service dealing with bus / coach accidents – UK Accident claim and personal injury compensation specialists. Offering advice Nationwide – London, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds, Newcastle, Nottingham, Bristol, Cardiff and many more locations.


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