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Treatment for bedsores / pressure sores

Any healthcare professional involved in helping an individual should check the patient for bedsores every week and they should work out the best positions for the patient to sit in to keep the risks of bedsores at a minimum. For some though, especially those with severe bedsores, medical treatment will be required, including, possibly, surgery. What is essential is that the person suffering the bedsores or the carer responsible takes action immediately to ensure that the bedsores do not become infected.

For those who suffer pressure sores at home, they can be successfully treated by trying to relieve the pressure on them, cleaning the affected area regularly and applying an appropriate dressing. The wound should be kept clean and moist and the area around it clean and dry. A saline solution can be used to cleanse the wound as opposed to antiseptics, soaps and other skin cleansers which can damage new tissues.

Treatment includes the use of dressings, creams and gels and it is also possible to remove damaged skin as much as possible while if there are signs of infection antibiotics or special dressings may be appropriate.

Another procedure which may help some of those affected is called debridement which is where dead tissues and other debris is removed from the wound. In more severe cases skin grafts, cosmetic surgery or maggot therapy may be necessary. Maggot therapy is a carefully controlled practice whereby a medical professional will try and use maggots to break down and ingest infected or necrotic tissue. As well as getting rid of the infected tissue the maggots also disinfect the wound by killing bacteria and can stimulate wound healing.


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