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Accident at work on a building or construction site

Construction related accidents

If you have been injured in the workplace you may be entitled to claim compensation. This section of our website deals with issues arising from an accident on a building or construction site.

Please read our files on compensation claims and if you need more detailed advice. contact us today for assistance on your case and we can advise you immediately of your right to claim.

We can also help with specialist legal areas such as asbestos disease claims, industrial deafness and vibration white finger claims following exposure to substances or sustained machine use at work. Many of these cases involve slow developing symptoms and it is important that you obtain advice as soon as possible on your situation.

An employer must always carry out a risk assessment in the form of an investigation conducted to identify whether any particular act or operation gives rise to a safety risk or hazard.

Read more about work related upper limb disorder injury (WRULD) caused by work

Case example

The claimant in this particular case was a glazer by trade and was sub-contracted to work on a large residential building site project. He was walking along a section of scaffolding boards with a large piece of glass in his hand when the boards gave way and he fell 6 metres to the ground.

He suffered a neck fracture and severe lacerations in the fall. The claimant was hospitalised for 3 weeks. On his release from hospital he contacted The Claims Connection service for advice on claiming compensation following his construction accident. As a self-employed contractor he was not earning and was suffering severe financial hardship. We advised him that subject to liability being decided, he would be entitled to claims compensation for the following items: Pain and suffering Physiotherapy Lost earnings Care and services Legal costs.

Our solicitors began investigating the claim and learned from the official RIDDOR  evidence that a scaffolder had unfastened two securing bolts and their brackets on the section of scaffold in preparation for dismantling. He did not realise that work was still going on and had misinterpreted his instructions.

Liability was admitted in full.

The claimant received an immediate early payment (interim award) of £5000 on account of lost earnings.   Because of the severity of his injuries we were not able to conclude his claim until 2 years had elapsed. The claimant received £20,000 for pain and suffering. An additional £108,000 for lost earnings both past and future and also £36,000 for care /services relating to functions he was no longer able to perform on a day to day basis.

Your rights to sick pay or SSP whilst absent  following an injury. (It is not uncommon for employers to refuse to fund sick pay even where the accident clearly occurred as a result of their negligence) – Reporting cases to The Health & safety executive – More on Health and safety at work

For comprehensive information on Health & Safety in the workplace from the official government website, please visit:

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