Stillborn and Neo-Natal death

Death of a baby due to negligence

When a healthy expectant mother enters hospital to have her baby, the very last thing on her mind would be the prospect that her child might not survive. However the sad fact is that between 60 – 80 babies every month do not survive delivery in the UK.

Many babies die each year due to poor medical decisions and neglect

If you believe that you or a loved one have suffered as a result of such negligence, speak to one of our specialist solicitors on an informal basis. You can rach us on 0808 115 1421.

If you believe that you or a loved one have suffered the loss of a child as a result of a mi-managed or negligent birth, please get in touch. You may be able to make a medical compensation claim.

The statistics regarding this very emotive healthcare issue are uncertain because there are many different ways in which to record a fatality resulting from birth. But in the UK we suffer a greater maternity mortality rate than many other European countries, a fact that should be considered shameful as far as the government and NHS are concerned.

There are calls for more research into baby deaths and whether sufficient pre birth checks are carried out systematically across NHS maternity wards. We believe that more should be done to save families from the heartache of suffering what could be an avoidable and tragic loss.

For more information about stillborn or post birth medical negligence call our helpline on 0808 115 1421.