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Make a Claim for Medical Negligence Compensation

This legal advice website is managed by Pryers Solicitors LLP, authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority. Our service is dedicated to providing advice on medical negligence (malpractice) and NHS complaints in England & Wales.

If you have suffered injury or harm following a medical procedure or as a result of NHS malpractice, you may be entitled to make a "No Win No Fee" claim. We provide a unique service for patients in the UK - an informative website combined with unparalleled access to expert legal advice.

Extraordinary patient story: NHS malpractice

Human factors leading to a serious clinical injury. Video outlining how one NHS Trust has taken great strides to deal with procedures following a catastrophic error.

You are able to claim if

  • You have suffered injury or harm as a result of negligence.
  • Your condition / disease / injury has deteriorated due to a lack of care or skill.
  • You have suffered "detriment" in some way because of poor care or service.

The claims process

1. Speak to a solicitor

1. Speak to a solicitor

You (including a relative or friend) can obtain informal legal advice on a potential claim by speaking to one of our team.

A solicitor can immediately inform you whether your case is one that legally has any prospects of success.

We will explain what happens next and how the case might progress.

2. Make a formal complaint

2. Make a formal NHS complaint

In many cases you should make a formal complaint about your circumstances.

The findings might be very useful to you in the event of a compensation case being brought.

We can help you with your complaint in order to ensure the salient points are covered during the investigation. Whether this be against a GP or local hospital

Key questions and answers

Key questions and answers

Q. How do you pay your costs if you decide to pursue your case against a GP, the NHS or other medical practitioner?

You may be entitled to a "no win no fee" agreement. You may have legal expense insurance (most household policies have this cover).  In certain cases you may wish to privately fund your action.

Q. Do you need to complain before considering a claim?

Ideally you should make a complaint about your situation to the treating practice, hospital or NHS Trust - as soon as possible. Generally speaking the NHS complaint procedures stipulate that a complaint must be brought within 6 months of you / your family being aware there was or is a problem. It is possible to make a claim at the same time as lodging a formal complaint - we may be able to help you with both.

Please be aware that circumstances justifying a complaint (which can be numerous) do not necessarily merit pursuing a legal claim.

Q. How do you start a claim for medical negligence?

The first step is to speak to a firm of no win no fee lawyers who specialise in medical claims. We can help provide advice in many cases although  we must stress that we cannot deal with every complaint or possible claim.

Make a no obligation enquiry today, and see if you have a case for compensation.

All communications are strictly confidential and rest assured that as a regulated law firm we do not share your data with any third parties

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Important News:

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Our specialist solicitors deal with medical negligence (sometimes known as "clinical negligence") involving the NHS or private treatment services and physicians.

The general standard of healthcare in the UK is considered to be very good. We may lag behind our European partners in some respects - usually relating to funding or administration.

But as far as medical expertise is concerned it might be reasonable to assume that you are in safe hands.

Unfortunately that is not necessarily the case. Mistakes do occur.

Unlike many other occupations, a mistake made by a doctor, physician, midwife or other medical professional (whether this be a GP or a consultant) can have dire consequences for the patient.   Clinical negligence claims are not 'run of the mill' compensation cases. It should never be assumed that seeking a compensation award in these circumstances is simple, hassle free and financially rewarding.

NHS No Win No Fee medical negligence compensation claim may be made if, as a patient, you have suffered as a result of what you believe to be a mistake whilst in hospital, or as a result of advice (or lack of it) from GP's, nurses, doctors, consultants or any other medical professional - it is only right that you seek legal advice.

Call our specialists for free informal advice on the merits of your case. We will then discuss how any claim can go forward and which funding option would be available to you.

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