Hit and Run Accident Insurance Compensation Claims

Accidents with hit and run drivers in the UK

If you have been involved in an accident with a hit and run driver you may be left wondering what your options are regarding a possible compensation claim. Most people believe that when you are in this position - there is little that can be done to recover your damages for loss or personal injury.

Fortunately, there is still a way that you can make a successful claim following a hit and run accident. The Motor Insurers Bureau (or MIB) is a non-profit organisation that was set up and is funded by UK insurers specifically for the purpose of helping hit and run accident victims. You do not necessarily need a lawyer to assist you with a claim against the MIB but it is recommended that you seek representation to ensure you are fully compensated. The MIB are after all, just like any other insurance company: they do not offer you a blank cheque, you need to know you're rights and understand the process.


What you should do after a hit and run accident

  1. Try your best to record the registration plate of the responsible party's vehicle - check any number against this database http://www.askmid.com/. Try to record details of any witnesses who could be crucial to your claim.
  2. Report the case to the police as soon as possible if they are not already aware of the accident. This is of great importance to the MIB and your claim could be refused if you do not follow this advice.
  3. Ensure that you receive medical attention if you have suffered injuries in the accident. A hospital or GP record is useful in the MIB process. However the primary objective is to make sure you get adequate medical advice when it is needed.
  4. If possible - take photos of the accident scene (or ask a friend to do so) to assist with any liability dispute.
  5. Obtain a repair estimate on your vehicle. An engineer will probably inspect the damage at some point during the claim but an estimate provides a useful guide for repair costs.
  6. Contact us for a free, no obligation enquiry about your case. You may be able to claim compensation on a no win, no fee basis.


How do I make a Hit and Run claim?


Uninsured driver hit and run

The MIB also deal with uninsured driver claims. It is now possible to claim both personal injury compensation and property damage under the MIB hit and run accident scheme (known as the Untraced Drivers Agreement) subject to some restrictions.


Why choose us?

We are specialists in Hit and Run claims and can help you claim for damages that you perhaps thought would otherwise be impossible to receive. It is important that you involve the police and properly report the accident to them. In the majority of cases, the police will be unable to do very much because of a lack of evidence but nevertheless the MIB (The Motor Insurers Bureau) insist on a police record of the event. Please be aware that the one drawback in dealing with the MIB under the Untraced Agreement is that they do not pay your legal fees - they merely make a contribution towards them. For this reason we charge a fee equal to 25% of any compensation awarded in order to deal with a hit & run case.

The MIB have recently launched a Facebook campaign called"Drive Insured" - join the campaign by visiting: www.facebook.com/driveinsured

Don't be the victim twice over - if you have been involved in an accident where the responsible driver failed to stop - claim what is rightfully yours.


Child victims of hit and run accidents now have until their 21st birthday to bring claim.

This brings them in line with the standard civil procedure set out in the Limitation Act 1980. The case of Byrne v (1) MIB  & (2) Secretary of State for Transport [2008] refers.