Passenger involved in a bus accident - what to do if you have been injured?

If you are unlucky enough to be injured in an incident whilst travelling on a bus or other public transport vehicle, it is important that you receive advice on your legal rights. You may well be entitled to make a compensation claim to recover any loss or damage you have sustained.

Make notes: Note down key information ie: bus route / bus number, drivers name and badge number, contact tel numbers (owners of the vehicle) and registration number of the vehicle. Important: You must try to report any injury suffered to the driver before you get off the bus or at the very least must report the matter to the bus owners at the earliest possible opportunity.

In many cases an ambulance may be called and an injury may be too severe for any formalities to be taken care of. Fortunately CCTV is present on many buses nowadays and this usually helps with any disputes regarding the genuineness of any claim that may be brought. Also be aware that bus drivers have a duty to report any incidents to their line manager.

Take photos: It is a good idea to take a few photos of the scene and aftermath - photographing the vehicles involved (with permission) and their positions on the road can be very useful in the event of a road collision.

Call a bus accident lawyer: if you have been injured in the accident or have other legal queries / problems, speak to a lawyer as soon as possible. We can help with No win No fee representation.

Police involvement: You may choose the call the police but they are infrequent visitors nowadays to most road accident scenes. They will attend any accident where people are injured or an ambulance has been requested (which happens following most bus accidents).