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Cycle accident claims

If you are a pedal cyclist and have been injured on the road you might be entitled to claim cycle accident compensation. We are a firm of cycle accident specialist solicitors who offer no win no fee advice.

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There are many thousands of accidents involving cyclists each year on Britain's roads. In the vast majority of instances the accident results from the negligence of other road users - specifically the drivers of other vehicles. 

Most accidents do not involve anything other than minor injuries - cyclists are a hardy bunch and tend to get used to suffering the odd scrape or fall. However, if you are a pedal cyclist or motorcyclist and have suffered personal injury in an incident that was not your fault - you may be entitled to claim cycle accident compensation.

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We are a law firm who specialise in compensation matters. We have a specialist team of road accident lawyers who have a keen interest in cycling cases. Some of our team are keen cyclists themselves and this helps with understanding your needs and ensuring that you get the best possible outcome should you decide to make a cycle accident compensation claim.

To make a bike claim

  1. You must show that the other party was negligent.
  2. That injury or damage resulted from this negligence

No win No fee cyclist accident advice is available on this site from solicitors who are also cycling enthusiasts.

5 things to do after a cycle accident

1. Receive medical advice

1. Receive medical advice

It goes without saying that the first issue to deal with following an accident is to identify and assist any casualties. Where appropriate call 999 and ask for the ambulance services to visit the scene.

2. Exchange details

2. Exchange details

Exchange details with the other party involved.

These should include:
  • Name, address & phone number
  • Vehicle registration number
  • Insurer details
3. Take photos of the accident scene

3. Take photos of the accident scene

If possible - take photos of the accident scene (or ask a friend to do so) to assist with any liability dispute.

4. Report the case to the police

4. Report the case to the police

Where appropriate call 999 and ask for the police to visit the scene.

Be aware

The police may not want to attend unless there are definite casualties or the vehicles are causing an obstruction to the highway.

5. Obtain an estimate on your cycle damage

5.Obtain an estimate on your cycle damage

OR find your original purchase receipt if the bike is beyond repair. A replacement cost estimate will suffice in most circumstances if the original receipt is unavailable. Cycle accidents can be very open to disputes on liability so you may need to prepare for the worst.

Cycle injury for world road race champion of 2011

Mark Cavendish, the world road race champion of 2011 is just the latest high-profile cyclist in the last few weeks to be injured in a collision with a car.

Cavendish was training in Italy when a car in front of him slammed on the brakes, causing him to crash. Apart from a bruised arm he was okay but it follows on the back of Bradley Wiggins, a few weeks ago, being knocked off his bike by a white van and a worse injury to Shane Sutton, the head coach of British Cycling, who was hit in another accident. He was knocked unconscious and suffered a broken cheekbone and bleeding on the brain, although he has since left hospital.

Whether or not the three notable cyclists are planning to make a claim is unclear but with cycling arguably more popular than ever before thanks to the Olympics and a British winner of the Tour de France, it’s best to know your rights if you do have to make a road accident claim as a result of an accident when out on your bike.

British Cycling, as a result of the spate of high-profile accidents, has spoken out to try and persuade the government to take stronger action to improve safety for cyclists, stressing that while it is not intrinsically a dangerous activity, there is much that can and should be done to done to improve the conditions for cyclists on the roads.

Certainly, even if the government does act, the problem of cyclists being knocked down will not be eradicated totally, not least because accidents can be caused in any number of ways.

On the whole cycling is a safe activity and an enjoyable way of getting fit, however the unfortunate spate of high-profile accidents does alert people to the need to do all they can to stay safe, whether they are a car driver, a cyclist or a pedestrian.

About bike accident claims

More than 3.5 million cycles were sold in 2007 up from 2.8 million in the year 2000. The UK's ever expanding cycle lane network now stretches to 12,000 miles. The average cost of maintaining a pedal bike is no more than £75. [source Sustrans]

You can see why cycling has become so popular - particularly in an age of increasing economic uncertainty.

2012 cycling accidents Statistics

Road Accident Casualties fell 6%



occur in urban areas

Road Accident fatalities fell 17%



occur at or near a road junction

Cycle accident claims



occur in daylight

  • 80% of cycling casualties are male
  • About one quarter of the cyclists killed or injured are children
  • Around three quarters of cyclists killed have major head injuries 
Statistic news for 2007

Pedal cyclist casualties dropped very marginally to 16195 (16,561: 2006). The number of cyclists killed or seriously injured rose to 2,564 (2,442: 2006).Accident Statistics

For more Road Safety Information visit RoSPA.

2012 Statistics: In 2012 cycle accident fatalities rose by 7% - an increase that is deemed to be the result of more and more people turning to cycling as a means to commute rather than simply a hobby.

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Recent advances in vehicle safety technology have seen a 'black box recorder' developed for use in road vehicles. The CrashCube will determine what a vehicle did in the run up to a road collision, which could in future help establish blame in cycling accidents.

Bikeability is a brand new national cycling award scheme which before long will have thousands of children whizzing about on their bikes and pedalling their way to success. Bikebudi - matching cyclists who can travel together Cyclescheme works with a network of independent bike shops to supply the nation with quality tax free bikes and equipment for work.

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